原标题:Nelvana brings Mysticons into the digital realm
The Corus-owned producer has put its YouTube and short-form content plans into motion in anticipation of the animated series’ August debut.
By Elizabeth Foster, July 20, 2017


在 美国尼克频道 与 加拿大YTV频道 备受期待的8月动画片提前展映中,Corus旗下的Nelvana公司带来了最新的原创动作系列动画片《Mysticons》。本片已由万童互动在大中华地区独家引进和运营,预计下半年将与中国观众见面。




除了《Mysticons》,Nelvana公司已经准备将更多动画剧集向美国和世界市场投放,这其中包括《Hotel Transylvania: The Series | 精灵旅社》(迪士尼)、《Bravest Warriors | 无畏战士》(出自《探险活宝》创作人之手)以及芝麻街工作室和Nelvana公司联合制作的原创动画《Esme and Roy》。



Corus Entertainment’s Nelvana is taking its original animated action series Mysticons online in anticipation of the toon’s August premiere on Nickelodeon in the US and on YTV in Canada.

The Toronto-based producer and distributor has launched a YouTube channel, as well as a number of social media pages—including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram—for the property. A branded website will also launch soon.

Mysticons’ online push is part of a larger social and digital media content strategy involving more than 80 pieces of original short-form content. For example, live-action content and DIY videos for character costumes will be made available throughout the show’s first season. An adventure role-playing app-based game will also bow this fall, along with a number of web games.

Mysticons follows four girls from different walks of life who are transformed into legendary warriors. The first 40-ep season focuses on the development and use of the girls’ strength and courage. The series is co-produced by Nelvana Studio and Topps Company, and targets kids ages six to 11.

In addition to Mysticons, Nelvana has been preparing a number of productions for US broadcast and international distribution, including Hotel Transylvania: The Series (Disney), Bravest Warriors (from the creator of Adventure Time) and Sesame Workshop/Nelvana’s new original co-pro Esme and Roy.

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