Big Bad Boo凭借《一千零一夜》荣获“世界教育创新峰会”大奖

原标题:Big Bad Boo Wins WISE Award for ‘1001 Nights’

By Mercedes Milligan,

Big Bad Boo凭借《一千零一夜》荣获“世界教育创新峰会”大奖

坐落在温哥华的Big Bad Boo Studios日前凭借“一千零一夜生活技能和公民教育”项目,荣获“世界教育创新峰会”大奖。该项目借助动画片《一千零一夜》,通过优秀的角色驱动型动画故事以及一系列课程,培养儿童在公民教育、人权、法治等方面的知识。联合国儿童基金会采用该项目来教授难民儿童生活技巧,并通过这种方式给予其有效的心理支持。

“我们十分感谢世界教育创新峰会,同时也很感谢我们的合作伙伴——联合国儿童基金会,以及教育与多样性基金会,帮助我们将该项目提供给了超过30万有需要的儿童。该项目已经产生了巨大影响,我们希望可以提供更多帮助。” Big Bad Boo Studios的联合创始人Aly Jetha说道。






Vancouver-based Big Bad Boo Studios has won a prestigious World Innovation Summit for Education award for its multi-platform 1001 Nights Life Skills and Citizenship Education program, anchored on its popular animated adaptation of the tales of Shahrzad. The program teaches civic education, human rights and the rule of law through character-driven animated adventures and a companion curriculum. In partnership with UNICEF, the program has been used to teach life skills and provide psychosocial support to refugee children.

“We incredibly thankful to the WISE committee as well as our partners, UNICEF and The Education and Diversity Foundation, for helping us provide the program to over 300,000 children in need. The impact has been tremendous and we hope to do more,” said Aly Jetha, co-founder of Big Bad Boo Studios.

The WISE Awards are an annual event recognizing and promoting projects from around the world that address global educational challenges. Fifteen ministries of education are using the curriculum across Asia, the Middle East, and North Africa. 1001 Nights was picked from a pool of 413 projects, and evaluated according to strict criteria — projects under WISE Award consideration must be successful, innovative education initiatives which have demonstrated a transformative impact on individuals, communities and society.

Based on the classic folktales from the Islamic Golden Age, the award-winning 1001 Nights animated series airs around the world in over 80 countries and in 15 languages. The brand also includes comic books and licensing and merchandising programs in several territories. The show has won multiple industry honors, including a Kids First Choice Award and five Leo Awards.