“中国市场非常重要,我们十分希望能将Jazwares的玩具带给全亚洲的儿童和家庭。万童是一家在全球多个动画IP的运营和发行方面取得了杰出成就的公司,我们很高兴能与他们合作。” Jazwares首席执行官、总裁Judd Zebersky如此说道。“通过结成战略合作伙伴,Jazwares的创新实力与万童出色的儿童品牌运营能力实现了完美结合,我们相信这一合作关系将使我们双方在中国和世界范围内获得巨大成功。”

关于 Jazwares

Jazwares是全球领先的消费者产品制造商,拥有玩具、乐器、儿童电子产品等多条产品线。公司总部位于美国佛罗里达州森赖斯市,产品销往五大洲的超过85个国家。Jazwares在设计、开发与制造方面拥有超过二十年的经验,曾获众多奖项,致力于持续发掘最新潮流并将其转化为全年龄适用的高质量产品。Jazwares的产品包括精灵旅社™、小猪佩奇™、Roblox™, First Act™, Feisty Pets™、我的世界™、萌浪兔™等著名品牌衍生品。Jazwares的目标是为市场带来全新的、符合品牌消费者期望并且价格实惠的玩具和衍生品。



Jazwares, LLC a global leader in toys and licensing, and Chinese animation distribution specialist and brand manager WeKids Asia Ltd. announce the formation of a strategic partnership. They will work together to distribute toys based on popular brands and properties throughout Greater China and will create new children’s toy and media properties bound for global success.

The partnership kicks off with WeKids Asia securing Chinese airing of The Hotel Transylvania TV series. The introduction of Jazwares’ highly-anticipated Hotel Transylvania toy line will be distributed by WeKids to the Greater China market following the release of box-office giant Hotel Transylvania 3 in July of this year.

“The Chinese market is ready for the introduction of Jazwares’ products based on kids properties that deeply engage children with their compelling stories and outstanding characters,” said Sean Chu, President, CEO and Founder of WeKids Asia. “We know that Jazwares has an exemplary track-record of bringing high-quality products with strong play value to the market. The combination of Jazwares’ creative design coupled with the deep engagement that kids have with Hotel Transylvania will be a sure winner, and we are delighted to start our partnership focused on this property.

The partnership will take center stage this October at the China Toy Show in Shanghai where they’ll unveil plans to roll out more of Jazwares’ top performing toy lines.

“China is a critical market, we are eager to bring Jazwares’ toys to children and families throughout Asia. We are excited to partner with WeKids, a company that has distinguished itself by overseeing the management and distribution of multiple

outstanding animated properties from producers around the world,” said Judd Zebersky, Chief Executive Officer and President of Jazwares. “We are confident that by pairing Jazwares’ commitment to innovation with WeKids’ fantastic ability to manage kids brands, this strategic relationship will bring both companies much success in China and around the world.”

About Jazwares LLC

Jazwares is a global leader in consumer products, including toys, musical instruments and kid-friendly consumer electronics. With over 20 years of design, development, and manufacturing expertise, Jazwares is an award-winning company with a progressive focus on identifying new trends and transforming them into high quality products for all ages. Jazwares is headquartered in Sunrise, FL, and its products can be found on five continents and in over 85 countries. Jazwares’ portfolio includes: Hotel Transylvania™, Peppa Pig™, Roblox™, First Act™, Feisty Pets™, Minecraft™, Molang™ and many more. Jazwares’ goal is to invent toys and related products that are new to the marketplace, featuring brands consumers want at affordable prices.

About WeKids

WeKids is China’s market leader in providing the best-in-class animation from around the world to kids and families in Greater China, including Mainland China, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan. With more than 4,000 episodes of outstanding kids’ animation, WeKids works with digital distribution partners to be the premiere on-demand destination for millions of Chinese kids who are eager to view great animated programs from across the globe, available on multiple new media platforms in both Chinese and English. In addition, WeKids oversees the merchandising, publishing, and ancillary exploitation of key properties throughout Greater China, including all aspects of brand management.