原标题:Nelvana’s Ranger Rob hits the stage
As location-based brand extensions pick up steam, Nelvana and Round Room Presents will bring the preschool series to the stage in a live global tour.
By Elizabeth Foster, November 28, 2017


加拿大Corus Entertainment集团旗下的Nelvana公司和Round Room Presents联合推出了基于其原创学龄前系列动画《Ranger Rob(森林小卫士罗布)》的全球现场巡演,活动的具体时间和地点将于明年五月公布,随后将在加拿大举办官方首秀。

在最近投拍的第二季动画中,罗布和他的朋友们将继续在天高谷探险。这部动画片去年秋天在Corus集团旗下的小树屋(Treehouse)频道首播,随后登陆NBC Universal旗下的Sprout电视台,在美国播放。

Nelvana 决定通过线下品牌推广特别是现场秀的方式来重点推广《Ranger Rob》,成功为其带来了持续的人气增长。无论是常驻的大型主题公园还是商场内小规模的快闪式体验,线下品牌推广仍然在这个以屏幕为主的娱乐世界中吸引着孩子们的眼球。eOne Family的学龄前动画片《PJ Masks(小小蒙面侠)》是该公司2017年业绩增长的关键动力(这个IP的收入从290万美元逐年增长到1750万美元,增幅超过500%),并在其以音乐和杂技为特色、名为“Time to be a Hero(英雄时刻)”的舞台表演中取得了显著成功。

《PAW Patrol(汪汪队立大功)》同样提升了Spin Master Entertainment的收入和Nickelodeon的收视率,通过PAW Patrol Live! Race to the Rescue(汪汪队现场秀!疾速救援) 和PAW Patrol Live! The Great Pirate Adventure(汪汪队现场秀!海贼大冒险),这个学龄前品牌在现场演出产品领域持续拓展。

而且,向“线下品牌推广”转移的不仅仅是儿童节目,Moose Toys的《Shopkings(购物精灵)》收藏系列,今年也在该舞台上推出了他们的第一部Shopkins Live!(购物精灵现场秀!)制作,其中包括了原创的音乐和精彩视频。


Corus Entertainment’s Nelvana has partnered with Round Room Presents to bring its original preschool series Ranger Rob to the stage in a live global tour. Locations and dates for the tour will be announced in May, with the show officially kicking off in Canada later next year.

Recently greenlit for a second season, Ranger Rob follows the titular character and his friends as they go on adventures in Big Sky Park. The animated series premiered on Corus-owned Treehouse in Canada last fall, and NBCUniversal-owned Sprout broadcasts the toon in the US.

Nelvana’s decision to bring Ranger Rob center stage comes as location-based brand extensions—and live shows in particular—continue to grow in popularity. Location-based events, from permanent and large-scale theme park attractions, to smaller pop-up experiences in shopping malls, are capturing kids’ attention in a world of screen-based entertainment. eOne Family’s preschool property PJ Masks was a key driver of growth for the company in 2017 (the IP’s revenue increased more than 500% year on year from US$2.9 million to US$17.5 million) and has seen significant success in its Time to Be a Hero! stage show, which features music and acrobatics.

As PAW Patrol boosts Spin Master Entertainment’s bottom line — as well as Nickelodeon’s viewership numbers — the preschool brand continues to expand its presence in live productions with PAW Patrol Live! Race to the Rescue and PAW Patrol Live! The Great Pirate Adventure.

And it’s not just children’s shows making the move to location-based brand extensions. Moose Toys’ Shopkins colletibles brand also took to the stage this year with its first Shopkins Live! production, which includes original music and video highlights.

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