WeKids aims to incubate new talent

October 16, 2017WeKids aims to incubate new talent     

SEAN Chu, founder and CEO of WeKids, welcomed the global kids community to MIP Junior at the WeKids-sponsored MIP- Junior Networking Lunch.

WeKids aims to incubate new talent WeKids aims to incubate new talent

He thanked the “more than 220 producers and distributors who believed in us and licensed their properties to us”. He added: “We welcome more opportunities to work with you, from acquisition to pre-buying, gap financing and co-productions.”

WeKids aims to incubate new talent

WeKids specialises in the distribution and brand management of high-quality animation in China, and has offices in Beijing, Shenzhen and New York.

It is now, alongside Canadian producers Nelvana and Toon Boom Animation, embarking on a fresh adventure: an animation incubator competition to discover innovative Chinese talent making creative properties for the global market. Submissions of animated shorts will be accepted from January 2018 and the winners will secure development deals with Nelvana, WeKids and Toon Boom.

Chu also thanked Xiaomi, a Beijing-based tech company that is a major investor in, and partner of, WeKids. It has sold more than 160 million smartphones and 17 million smart-TV and OTT boxes in China.

WeKids aims to incubate new talent