原标题:GoldBee chops up deals with WeKids, Nickelodeon

By Alexandra Whyte August 27, 2019


来自巴塞罗那的GoldBee公司为 Sardine Productions制作的冒险喜剧动画《切切忍者》签订了新的播放和发行协议。


GoldBee也将《切切忍者》动画系列片推向了全球多个地区的Nickelodeon频道。自去年11月在东南亚国家的Nick儿童频道播出之后, Nick International将在独联体国家通过付费频道和订阅点拨平台播出该动画的系列片全集及短片。根据GoldBee的发言人所说,在完成配音之后该动画及短片即将在上述地区上线。此前《切切忍者》的相关作品已经在Nick的意大利、中东和非洲地区频道上线。


《切切忍者》是由Corus Entertainment 为旗下的Teletoon英语和法语频道定制,委托Sardine Productions 和Gamerizon Studio制作的动画作品。在这个故事中,来自忍者学院的一郎和他的三位好朋友需要一边对抗各种反派,一边提高他们的忍术。这部作品受到了铃声基金、加拿大媒体基金、萧氏火箭基金、加拿大电影与影视产品税收抵免计划以及魁省文化发展协会的大力支持。


Barcelona-based GoldBee has locked in new broadcast and distribution deals for Sardine Productions’ adventure-comedy series Chop Chop Ninja.

China-based distributor WeKids has acquired the exclusive TV and non-linear rights for Mainland China to air the show its own platforms and sell to others, including iQIYI, Youku, Tencent and Tudou, which will all start running the 40 x 11-minute series later this year. Those platforms previously picked up the accompanying 40 x 1.5-minute short form series Chop Chop Ninja Challenge in 2016.

GoldBee also expanded the series to more territories on Nickelodeon. After launching on the kidcaster in Southeast Asia last November, Nick International picked up the full series and the shorts for its pay TV and SVOD platforms in Russia and CIS, which will run both after they have been dubbed into the local languages, according to a GoldBee spokesperson. The IP previously aired on Nick Italy, the Middle East and Africa.

Originally commissioned by Canadian broadcaster Corus Entertainment for its French and English Teletoon networks, Chop Chop Ninja is produced by Sardine Productions and Gamerizon Studio. Throughout the series, Iro and his three best friends at the Ninja Academy fight bad guys and work to master the art of stillness. It is supported by the Bell Fund, the Canadian Media Fund, the Shaw Rockets Fund, the CPTC and SODEC.